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Eckelmeyer Painting Contractors
Bill Eckelmeyer
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Blooming Glen, Pa 18911
Phone: 215-768-5518

Twin Brook Consulting is a company dedicated to helping homeowners maintain their home and protect their biggest investment.  Painting is often the most direct way to protect ones home and sustain a high property value. Twin Brook offers improvements through painting, as well as the assessment of your homes overall condition, which will impact your homes ability to be sold quickly and for the maximum amount possible.  If you are looking for an exit strategy to prepare your home to be sold in the near future, call Bill at Twin Brook to see what you can do to maximize your return on investment.  We love to help people, and sometimes we just need a friend and guide to show us the right preparation.

A GOOD referral:

Someone who is not sure if they can handle some all home maintenance tasks necessary to keep up their home.  This could be a widow or widower, a divorcee or a single person struggling to maintain their home.  Assessment of people's health needs, financial means to provide maintenance to their home, and identifying specific areas of improvement for each home that will help maximize a homes potential selling price.