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Author: Alan Openshaw

Location: Cornerstone Lending Inc, 720 Second St Pike suite 104, Southampton, PA 18966
Date Added: 2/26/19
For whatever reason the last month, all my recent clients have come to me with preconceived notions of how to best prepare themselves and their credit score for an upcoming mortgage and home purchase. This information is gleaned from various sources and Credit Karma is just one of those. So now its time to set the record straight. The first question I have is what is the score, and what does it need to be? There are 4 things that will determine your interest rate and cost for that . . .
This was one of the most rewarding projects we have worked on
Author: Greg Glemser

Location: Doylestown Gold Exchange, , ,
Date Added: 2/18/19
Recently we had a customer Alex come in with some very sentimental wedding bands from her parents and she was looking to create something that she could wear and enjoy. At first Alex was thinking we could melt them down and make a piece of jewelry, but the more I talked with Alex I began to realize how special the rings were to her and suggested we work with the rings as they are and preserve as much as the original look as we can. The rings were two different sizes and both had engraving . . .