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We are business professionals from a wide variety of industries who work together to send qualified leads to member businesses.

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Date Added: 5/10/16
Most business owners won't argue with the fact that there is nothing more powerful than a referral and that a job well done usually (hopefully) comes with a couple referrals from a happy client or contact. The more people that are exposed to your company either by knowing the business or by using the service you provide is typically how businesses grow in ones local area.  Most business owners also won't argue that this is no small task; At the end of the day you are only one . . .
A Conversation on the Value of Internet Marketing
Date Added: 5/4/16
JCK is a national jewelry publication that is in every jewelry store.  The person who wrote the article came across our gold and jewerly store in Doylestown, PA by finding a story about our business online.   Since we are not like most jewelers or gold buyers, she reached out to me to do an interview.  They have a monthly article about what is going on in the industry and in stores around the county.  The article is to share ideas and about some of the customer . . .