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MDM'er Greg Glemser Featured in JCK Magazine
A Conversation on the Value of Internet Marketing

JCK is a national jewelry publication that is in every jewelry store.  The person who wrote the article came across our gold and jewerly store in Doylestown, PA by finding a story about our business online.  

Since we are not like most jewelers or gold buyers, she reached out to me to do an interview.  They have a monthly article about what is going on in the industry and in stores around the county.  The article is to share ideas and about some of the customer interactions we have on a daily basis, and what are some of the positive and negatives we see going on.  

I was excited to have our store picked for this months article.  We have only been in business for 5 years in Bucks County and it is exciting that a national publication in our industry called us to do this article.

I attribute much of the success and exposure of our company not only to the Million Dollar Marketing Group, but also to web based marketing. In truth, your business needs to have an online presence in order to stay in business and to gain the trust of your client base.

We use an array of tools to promote our business online. Obviously, a website is one of them, but we also use social media, blogs and video to help advertise our shop.

Here is an example of one such video: