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We are business professionals from a wide variety of industries who work together to send qualified leads to member businesses. Since we only have one individual per business category, you aren't working against your competitors, you've already won us over!

Wonder What it's Like to Sit in On an MDM Meeting?
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Most business owners won't argue with the fact that there is nothing more powerful than a referral and that a job well done usually (hopefully) comes with a couple referrals from a happy client or contact. The more people that are exposed to your company either by knowing the business or by using the service you provide is typically how businesses grow in ones local area. 

Most business owners also won't argue that this is no small task; At the end of the day you are only one person and you can only have so many conversations and please so many clients in a given day. 

But what if you had an entire network of business professionals primed and ready to advertise your business with their networks, 24/7/365? 

That is what the Million Dollar Marketing Group. With well over 35 members, we pack our meeting space every Wednesday morning at the Doylestown Inn with one goal in mind: Grow the business of the other members in the group. And, it works. Last year we broke our goal of referring 1 million in revenue to our members.

This year, we are on pace to refer over 1.3.

What most people ask us is 'What makes you different from the other groups?"

The answer is simple:

1) We are independant - We are not a chapter of some larger organization

2) We put our money where our mouth is - There are no crap leads or 'padding' our numbers. We are dedicated to geneating quality leads. The rest is just a waste of time.

3) We have fun - We have a great group of people and we keep it interesting week after week to keep people awake and motivated.

Have you heard about our group and wondered what it was like to join us on a Wednesday? 

Check out this video for a sneak peak. It will give you a day in the life of an MDMer and help show you how the power of warm market referrals can transform your business.