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Warm Business Leads in Bucks County Make a Difference for HVAC Company
MDM Group Sits Down with McMackin Mechanical

Warm Business Leads in Bucks County Make a Difference of HVAC Company

It’s how many define the American dream: Starting, growing and succeeding in business. For Doylestown area business owners, the competitive yet supportive nature of the surrounding community make it a great place to operate and flourish.

People go about growing their business in Bucks County in different ways. Depending on what you are selling or the services you offer, different online tools might make more sense. For others, real estate is an important component of being seen.

Yet for virtually every business owner, the power and importance of face to face networking and referrals are prized most.

The Million Dollar Marketing Group sat down with one of our newer members, Bryon McMackin, owner of McMackin Mechanical to learn more about his business and what the power of business networking means to him and his business.

MDM: Why did you start your business?

Bryon: As a teenager and into my twenties, I worked for my father's plumbing and heating company. However, growth and expansion was not something my father was interested in. With that lack of interest in expanding we were finding ourselves turning away or referring away a lot of air conditioning and furnace work.  So to better serve our existing customers and with a younger brother coming into the company to assist my father, I figured the time was right to branch out and start something different: A total mechanical company, able to contract Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical work.  McMackin Mechanical Company was born.

MDM: How long have you been in business?

Bryon: I started McMackin Mechanical 14 years ago, building a customer base while still helping my father.

MDM: What do word of mouth referrals mean to you and your business?

Bryon: A word of mouth referral is pretty much as good as it gets.  It allows us the ability to grow our business exponentially, and also forces us to maintain the level of excellence that awarded us the word of mouth referral in the first place.  When someone provides that referral, they are vouching for you personally and we would hate to let them down.

MDM: What do you like most about working in the Bucks/Montgomery county area?

Bryon: The diversity in building construction is what I like best.  We have all the challenges of old stone farmhouses and Custom new construction homes, with some tract builder homes sprinkled in.  We have buildings running with various fuels like propane, oil, natural gas and electric which keeps things interesting everywhere we go.  We also experience different plumbing materials; not just PEX tubing and PVC.  We encounter, lead, copper, galvanized steel and cast iron drains as well as copper and galvanized water lines. All of which we are happy to repair, modify or replace.

MDM: What would you say to anyone looking to join a networking group?

Bryon:  It is important the group is actually interested in growing the businesses of the members  and not just the national brand of the group. A group with solid leadership and accountability of the members is a must.  These are the facets that MDM is very proud to have as base principles.  A fun group is also a real plus!

MDM: What would you say to anyone looking to start/grow their business?

Bryon: The 1st thing is be ready to work. It is unlikely when you start your business you will have a pre-built customer base. Therefore, in the beginning, you don't want to miss an opportunity. The smallest service can unexpectedly grow to be a big customer and/or a great referral source.

The 2nd piece of advice would be to make sure you know why you need to charge a specific rate for your services.  A lot of businesses fail because they have no idea at the end of the job if any profit was actually made in the end.

Lastly, it is important to keep good records. That could also mean write proper proposals and invoices. Bookkeeping and accounting is a very important part oif the business. Make sure you don’t only focus on providing the service.  The behind the scenes work is also a huge factor to the success of a business and should never be ignored.

The Million Dollar Marketing Group is dedicated to growing the business of its members. With rapid growth and with a track record of passing over 1 million dollars in warm leads per year, it's easy to see how MDM is Bucks Counties premier networking Group.

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